INSTITUTO TERRA, our inspiration!

Starting supplygoGREEN,  a for-profit private company, nevertheless brought me to my best inspiration and current example, that anyone can transform the world for better, just need "to want it"! My best inspiration is the INSTITUTO TERRA NGO, from Lélia Warnick and Sebastião Salgado, both brazilian.

They just proved that we are able to reverse the destruction, we are able to reverse the damage that we cause to the environment;
that we can improve our quality of life, and for that we just need respect the nature. The nature gives us back, in all meanings! Let's improve the quality of water, let's improve the quality of soil, let's improve the quality of our air. Let's bring more green, more water, more fresh air, more rain, more birds!


Yes, supplygoGREEN is happy to take a very small part of it. Our services is simple: we join companies, who produce clean-tech, and potential customers wishing for clean solutions. At the end, we all are working to improve and rescue this planet!


I invite you, if you want to know more about INSTITUTO TERRA, please click in this link:

or watch this movie: