The renewable energy company VOLTMAIS is honoured with “The Innovator of 2018" Award for introducing the german photovoltaic cleaning device PVSPIN in Brazil

The 11th Top Engineering Awards (known as Top Engenharias 2018) was held last 20 September by the Association of Engineers, Former Students of the Engineering School of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (AEAEEUFMG), with headquarter in Belo Horizonte. The awards process includes with the evaluation of engineers and specialized consultants from all over Brazil.


The award's nomination is for individuals and companies who stood out in 2018 for innovation, performance and quality, expertise, market presence and sustainable improvements on the   production processes and services.

Debuting this year, the new “Innovator of the Year” award recognize VOLTMAIS, a company who is transforming the cleaning of solar powerplants, placing the German technology PVSPIN to the Brazilian solar market; a robust cleaning system device to optimize the energy efficiency of the solar powerplants. 


Bernardo Abraão Lopes, President of AEAEEUFMG announces:


"The award seeks to motivate and value businesses, encouraging investments and introduce innovations. The award considers environment and sustainability values of the different sectors of the engineering to propagate professionals and companies."


Julio César Müller, owner and director of Voltmais, says:


"Today, Brazil is globally positioned among the 30 largest photovoltaic power generators. In August 2018, the installed photovoltaic power capacity reached 355MW, according to Absolar (the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association). However, environmental and geographical factors directly affect the output power: shadows, dirt (dust, dirt, sand, bird droppings, etc.) can bring big losses to energy efficiency. The amount of accumulated dirt on the surface of a photovoltaic module affects its production and profitability. That's why cleaning is so important and necessary. "



Considering that VOLTMAIS is located in the south region of Brazil, and in order to further promote PVSPIN in the North, Northeast and Midwest Regions of Brazil, VOLTMAIS together with SUPPLYgoGREEN have firmed a technical-commercial cooperation agreement with another company, ecoPotenco Energia Sustentável, located in Bahia. Thus, enabling that more and more companies will have the access, benefits and gains of the use of PVSPIN cleaning system. 


Sérgio Vieira, partner of ecoPotenco, says:


"One of the key issues that should also be considered in a solar’s cleaning process is the potential damage on the surface of the modules that can be generated through the cleaning itself. What strikes us most of all is that the cleaning procedure using the PVSPIN is really impressive, keeping the solar modules surface as they must be, not generating any physical damage. This guarantees the longevity and integrity of the system."


When VOLTMAIS realised the need of the market, it was supported by the German company SUPPLYgoGREEN, located in Munich. This company was founded and directed by Simone Horvatin. SUPPLYgoGREEN offered that time: consulting, product and market research, as well as the necessary on-site monitoring between the German manufacturer TOP SOLAR TEAM and VOLTMAIS. Continuing still today as a business partner in market development and marketing services.



Julio César Müller states:

"The support of SUPPLYgoGREEN was the most important key for us. Among many others solutions, VOLTMAIS could decide for the PVSPIN, as it presented better robustness, quality and the best cost/benefit ratio for the Brazilian market. Due to the inexistence of a similar national manufactured technology, we were able to zero the import taxes, further improving the prices and conditions of PVSPIN for the customers in Brazil! Now we are ready to market PVSPIN, and the awards just added and confirmed that we made the right choice. "


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