WASTE EXPO BRAZIL | Brazil’s leading trade fair for Solid Waste Management

Waste Expo Brasil will be on October 26-28, 2021 at Expo Center Norte in São Paulo City, Brazil

In one hand, this continental sized country with more than 200 million people generates nearly 80 million tons of solid waste per year, electing Brazil as the 3rd largest solid waste producer in the world. However, in the other hand, only 3% of this total is recycled and only a little over 50% of all MSW is treated and sent to proper destination in controlled landfills.


At some extreme cases, in almost 500 municipalities or 10% of the country, there are not even domestic waste collection. The Brazilian solid waste management market is undergoing significant modifications, in part due to urgent changes required by law, where every municipality in Brazil needs to close open dumps and pre-treat waste that goes into landfill, meaning a huge capital expenditure in upgrading equipment and further investments in project management.


As the single trade show in the country solely focused on solid waste management, Waste Expo Brasil offers you the opportunity to effectively reach key decision makers, solid waste operators, public cleaning companies, waste generators and public managers from all over the country to stablish business relationship as no other channel would.


In 2021, Waste Expo Brasil will include water and sewage treatment as official topics of the trade show. Basic sanitation, as well as solid waste management in Brazil have to be run by the municipalities, but as the vast majority of all cities in the country have minor operational structures and only few inhabitants, and, do not have the financial or technical resources to manage these essential services by their selves, they find necessary to look for affordable technology solutions and specific ways for financing these services.


Therefore, with so many complex issues to be faced by this industry in a 210 million citizens country.


Waste Expo Brasil is a necessary event, because it gathers all the productive chain at the same time and in the same place, adding a very high level technical content.


Figures 2019       Exhibitors 95 | Visitors 6'800
Date                     Tuesday 26 – Thursday 28, October 2021
Opening Hours Tuesday – Thursday 1 pm – 8 pm

The event will take place on
Expo Center Norte (Pavilhão Amarelo/Yellow Pavilion), Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 - Vila Guilherme, CEP 02055-000, São Paulo - Brazil


Website www.wasteexpo.com.br

Trade Fair Organiser
Samba Show Eventos 
Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2369 – 13º floor,
CEP 01452-000,
São Paulo - Brazil