AWM München, company responsible for the Municipal Solid Waste Management in the city of Munich, hosted Brazilian's delegation

Image: Brazilian companies from the Waste and Recycling sector visiting AWM München, in Munich Germany | Organization: MERCANTIL AMBIENTAL

  • AWM München is responsible for the Municipal Solid Waste management in the city of Munich. AWMis a company committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG and cares about its accessibility and quality services to the population of Munich. Founded 130 years ago, AWM München's core business has been since than to be more and  more effective in waste management, climate protection and resource conservation. Today AWM's goal is to become a carbon-neutral company by 2030.
  • AWM München in figures: 1,646 employees, 4 Waste depots, 1 Waste-to-Energy incineration Powerplant (combining Heat and Power - CHP), 12 Sorting and Collection Centers distributed across Munich's regions (any household has a Center within 5 km distance at most), 1 dry Fermentation Plant.
  • AWM's financial balance in 2021 was €378.6 million in total, with €227.4 million generated by the commercialization of waste, corresponding to 145,935 tons of recycled waste.

Munich, June 2022 - On June 2, the Municipal Waste Management Company AWM München hosted the delegation of waste management experts from Brazil for a "hands-on visit" within the reality of the city. The host was Mr. Frederic Weihberg from AWM. The visitors, Brazilian businessmen from different regions of Brazil, took advantage of the IFAT fair in Munich.

The technical visitation was organized by Simone Horvatin, who has been living in Munich, Germany, for more than 22 years and is the founder of the environmental AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL.


Press - Disclosure of the technical visit of Brazilians to AWM München

Press - Disclosure of the technical visit of Brazilians to AWM München

Press - Disclosure of the technical visit of Brazilians to AWM München

Press - Disclosure of the technical visit of Brazilians to AWM München

During a technical visit, Mr. Frederic Weihberg of AWM München explained the different ways in which AWM München handles and processes the solid waste of the city of Munich. 

  1. WERTSTOFFHOF AWM | Municipal Solid Waste management of Munich City - Sorting and Collection Centers.
  2. Why German people recycle? Let's understand the tax on garbage in Munich's Municipal Solid Waste Management.
  3. How the Waste Collection Bins of the City of Munich in Germany look like and how they are distributed across the city?
  4. How much does the garbage cost for the citizens of Munich | References
  5. WERTSTOFFINSELN | 'Recycling Islands' with a system of different containers distributed across the city of Munich.
  6. TROCKENFERMENTATIONSANLAGE IM MÜNCHNER NORD| Dry Organic Waste Fermentation Plant of the City of Munich for the cogeneration of Energy and Heat (CHP) and the production of Organic Fertilizers.
  7.  MÜLLVERBRENNUNGSANLAGE: HEIZKRAFT-WERK MÜNCHEN NORD (HKW) | Incineration Power Plant of the City of Munich for the Cogeneration of Heat and Power
  8. VERSCHENKPORTAL AWM MÜNCHEN| Portal for Donations founded by AWM München to stimulate the reuse of still useful residual products, practicing the circular economy.
  9. HALLE 2 | AWM MÜNCHEN's second-hand store.


What makes AWM MÜNCHEN a successful Municipal Solid Waste Management company?

AWM München is 130 years old despite being a non-profit public company, the city of Munich does not contribute financially. AWM München must be self-sufficient in its own management. According to Mr. Frederic Weihberg, there have been 130 years of experience, trials and errors. The fact of being a non-profit public company gives the company freedom to focus on its goal: the circular economy, recycling, and the health of the citizens of Munich.

Despite the challenges, the public company always closes its annual balance in a positive way. AWM München offers its citizens the opportunity to dispose correctly, to recycle, and to only incinerate what really cannot be recycled.

AWM München's success also lies in its shared responsibility with the citizens of Munich, as well as in its creative and ongoing sustainability marketing actions: a way to educate its citizens via marketing.

AWM München Educational Publicity distributed throughout the city.

AWM München Educational Publicity distributed throughout the city.

Our many thanks to AWM MÜNCHEN!

Image: IFAT Munich 2022 - Frederic Weihberg, AWM München's Marketing and Simone Horvatin, AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL's Chief Editor

"I, Simone Horvatin, on behalf of AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL and all the Brazilian business owners that visited AWM München as a delegation group, would like to thank Mr. Frederic Weihberg from AWM München for the exceptional experience he provided us with, patiently guiding and explaining us step by step all the actions practiced by AWM München to achieve the highest use of waste and recycling, contributing to the circular economy and saving resources. We learned that waste is the responsibility of everyone. The Brazilian companies were able to experience that it is possible to close the loop of solid waste: we have to rethink, reuse, recycle, and recover as much as possible of the resources - only disposing of what cannot be recycled for incineration."


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