WASTE EXPO BRASIL: The largest and most expected event in Latin America for MSW, Waste Management, Recycling and Sanitation is coming up

By Simone Horvatin, Journalist and AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL's Editor in Chief (@simonehorvatinoficial)

November, 2022 - A truly pionner and singular event, it is an opportunity to have access to the latest innovations in the areas. Targeted to managers and investors in the industry of Solid Waste Management and Recycling, Basic Sanitation, and Environmental Technologies and Services.

Today, the responsibility for the future of the planet belongs to everyone: climate change, plastic pollution on land and in oceans, sustainable packaging design, conscious consumption are just a small number of the points that bring us together and move us to rethink our habits and actions.

The shared responsibility is no longer a new idea: each person or corporation is responsible for the management of its "own trash", its residues - whether they are household, urban, or industrial.

The circularity of the solid waste is now the priority of people, companies, and industries, and is present at all levels of society. Saving our resources through reuse and recycling, reducing or even eliminating the emission of greenhouse gases, are global environmental goals. Therefore, it is essential to promote solutions and technologies that increase the life cycle of materials and optimally reuse each one of them, either by recycling or by making efficient energy recovery use.

For more than 10 years performing in Brazil, Waste Expo Brasil is the singular and the largest and most important event in Latin America on Municipal Solid Waste Management and Recycling, Basic Sanitation, Environmental Technologies and Services.

This event is the main business platform of Brazilian governments, industries and experts working with national and international innovations and technologies to meet the major city challenges, focusing on MSW and involving all levels of society.

Waste Expo Brazil brings together the leading manufacturers of machinery, national and international equipments and vehicles. In addition, it is also the main point of meeting for professionals from the involved sectors, with strong presence from public and private business managers, executives, technicians and specialists.

2022: Record number of exhibitors, national and international


AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL is official Media Partner and supports this global event.