Conference Topics at LATAM’s Innovation Hub for the New Energy World

São Paulo/Pforzheim - July, 2023: During the Intersolar Europe Conference in Munich, Germany, a new report from Solar Power Europe reveals that Solar is powering more people, in more parts of the world, than ever before: Last year, the world’s rooftop solar capacity shot by 49%, from 79 GW in 2021 to 118 GW. That means the equivalent of 36 million more homes were powered by solar by the end of 2022. After making its debut in the top 10 solar markets in 2021 at the 7th position, Brazil has now entered the top 5 at the 4th position – currently the sole representative from Latin America in the top 10. The country installed 10.9 GW of solar capacity in 2022,basically doubling its previous record of 5.5 GW in 2021. The effects these developments will have an impact on the energy sector and the 3 conferences of The smarter E South America will address the different aspects for generation, storage and distribution of energy.

Intersolar South America Conference

Brazil experiences growth in photovoltaic solar generation of around 1 GW per month. While this growth generates an environment of great opportunities for new businesses, investments, job creation, and renewal of the energy matrix, it also creates several technical, socioeconomic, and regulatory challenges that need to be faced collectively to find solid and sustainable solutions, meeting all Energy Transition requirements. Many factors contribute to the success of photovoltaic solar generation in the country and will be explored and debated at this year's Intersolar South America Conference. Market growth, financing options, new legal and regulatory framework, emerging technologies, new business opportunities for DG and CG, efforts to ensure the safety and quality of products and services, workforce training, and energy storage are just some of the themes that are present in the dozens of lectures that will be given by some of the greatest specialists in the sector during the three days of the conference, whose program was specially designed and planned to serve an increasingly demanding and qualified public. Site:

ees South America Conference

The ees South America Conference is part of the innovation Hub The smarter E South America, takes place in São Paulo each year and provides professionals from the energy industries with a platform for sharing information and strategies. For 2023 the conference will focus both on energy storage as well as green hydrogen. For energy storage, we will be presenting key innovations in electrochemical energy storage and will take a deep dive into key applications for the emerging Brazilian energy storage market. We will show the relevance of energy storage to enable the decarbonization of off-grid energy generation in the Amazon basin and other remote areas. Furthermore, we will be looking into opportunities for large-scale energy storage projects for the capacity market and ancillary services. And we will be looking at behind-the-meter projects in the light of law 14.300 and the new rule for distributed generation. Concerning green hydrogen, we will examine both the competitiveness of Brazil in the emerging global green hydrogen economy and evaluate opportunities in the domestic market. The conference will also be dedicating one session to the evolution of the global supply chain, to both energy storage and green hydrogen and the role of local industrial policies. Site:

Eletrotec+EM-Power Conference

The Eletrotec+EM-Power 2023 will address several current topics for building and industrial electrical installations. The highlight will be photovoltaic systems, namely: Power quality in distributed generation projects; Grounding and equipotentialization in photovoltaic plants; Lightning protection and overvoltage protection. In addition, topics such as energy efficiency of industrial plants, cogeneration, electrical risks in residential and commercial buildings and charging stations for electric vehicles will also be addressed. Site:

About The smarter E South America

With three parallel energy exhibitions, The smarter E South America is LATAM’s innovation hub for the new energy world. It takes a comprehensive approach to the topics of the energy system transformation by presenting cross-sector energy solutions and technologies. The smarter E South America creates opportunities to address all key areas along the value chain. Focusing on the generation, storage, distribution and use of energy and the ways in which these aspects interact and can be intelligently combined, The smarter E South America brings together international stakeholders of the energy future from across the world’s most influential markets. The smarter E South America will take place at the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, Brazil, on August 29 -31, 2023, bringing together the following events:

Organizers: The smarter E South America is organized by Solar Promotion International GmbH, Pforzheim, Freiburg Management and Marketing International GmbH (FMMI) and Aranda Eventos & Congressos Ltda, São Paulo as the co-organizer.


  • The smarter E South America 2023
  • Date: August 29–31, 2023
  • Exhibition times: 12:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.
  • Conference times: 9:00a.m. to 8:00p.m.
  • Expo Center Norte – São Paulo – SP

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