Ambiental Mercantil has been recognized with the 2023 Environmental Sustainability Award from the renowned BUILD Magazine in England

Image: BUILD | This international award highlights the Brazilian platform AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL as a global reference in ESG, environmental technologies, and sustainable solutions

United Kingdom, December 2023BUILD Magazine has unveiled the global winners of its first-ever Environmental Sustainability Awards on December 15th. Making its debut in 2023, these awards spotlight outstanding initiatives, businesses, and individuals dedicated to fostering an increasingly environmentally friendly and sustainable world through innovative approaches in communication, technologies, methods, materials, and solutions.


Whether promoting sustainable practices and solutions, transforming recycled materials into meaningful works of art, or installing solar panels for cleaner and more sustainable energy generation, these awards celebrate those who have shown commitment and concrete solutions for a more ecological and conscious way of life. This includes innovations in waste management and recycling, as well as the implementation of enhanced water monitoring and analysis powered by artificial intelligence. The BUILD Magazine team assessed those who demonstrated engagement and practical solutions for a more environmentally conscious and eco-friendly society, with creative, comprehensive, and passionate approaches.


Jack Ford, the awards coordinator, commented on the success of the awardees:

“It’s always refreshing, eye-opening, and rewarding to learn more about those who are continuously improving the sustainability sphere. Our winners breathe life into various projects and sectors, making our world a better place to live. Congratulations on your accolades, it has been a pleasure to highlight your dedication, and I wish you all the best for the future ahead.”

AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL stands out as a global reference in Sustainability

In 2023, exciting advancements are being witnessed in the field of environmental sustainability. With a growing awareness of climate change and the urgent need to protect our planet, companies are adopting sustainable practices to minimize their environmental impact. From the application of renewable energy sources to the implementation of principles of the 'circular economy', industries are driving innovations and shaping a sustainable future.

Simone Horvatin, the visionary behind and founder of the content, news, and marketplace platform AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL, shares her surprise and gratitude for the international recognition bestowed upon the initiative.


"This prestigious international award spotlights AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL as a leading platform on the global stage, underscoring our commitment to delivering results through the promotion and support of publications on ESG, environmental technologies, and sustainable solutions. I express gratitude to everyone who has supported and contributed to the journey of AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL from its inception in 2016 to the present day, especially the dedicated professionals and experts involved. AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL was born out of my aspiration to restart my career in a different country after years dedicated to embracing a new culture, family, and motherhood. I firmly believe that unity is crucial for driving transformation and inspiring positive changes. This recognition validates our commitment to delivering serious and high-quality content, contributing to the sustainable development of the planet. We are not merely a blog or a site chasing after clicks for monetization; we are an exclusive source devoted to the environmental and energy sectors, a platform dedicated to excellence and responsibility."

AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL experiences audience growth in 2023 and attracted an impressive 894,000 unique users in one year, showcasing its growing influence and popularity. With a substantial user base, the platform continues to strengthen its position as a significant online source for environmental content, reaching a diverse audience and contributing to the discourse on sustainability and environmental issues. The Portuguese platform stood out in web traffic analysis, garnering over 14 million global hits. With a monthly average of approximately 74,500 visitors, the platform recorded 4.8 million page views, with 95% coming from the Brazilian audience. The analysis revealed that 75% of visitors arrive organically (via search engines), 20% directly (already loyal readers), and 5% through social media sharing. The significant return rate stood at 76%. In terms of access devices, 60% prefer Desktop (PC, Notebook), 39% use mobile devices, and 1% opt for tablets. These metrics underscore AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL's status as a paramount online platform for environmental journalism, increasingly solidifying its influence on discussions surrounding sustainability and environmental matters on both a national and global scale.



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